Acrylic Assembly

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A northeastern US, privately held supermarket chain conducted a comprehensive analysis of it’s operations with the goal of implementing practices to simplify processes and improve efficiently. It was determined that reducing inventory on store shelves would reduce inventory in warehouse, and in turn reduce spending. Freshness and variety were also important values of the award-winning supermarket. From the study, a shelf blocker was conceptualized – modular, magnetized supports placed behind inventory on the shelves to keep items positioned at the front of shelves while avoiding excess stock. The supermarket selectively tested a rough prototype in stores, then approached CCMI Plastics to refine the product. The sizes and specs were already finalized based on the current shelves in use on store floors.



The supermarket chain planned to roll-out shelf blockers to over seventy-seven stores over the course of twelve months. To allow time for proper implementation and staff training, and to not create further excess inventory, the supermarket did not want the shelf blockers to ship all at once. The shelf blockers also needed to be nearly invisible to customers.



CCMI came in at a competitive price both in production and sourcing add-on components, such as magnets. CCMI fabricated the shelf blocker product using durable, light-weight high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and matched the exact color to their shelving. CCMI added value to the part by radiusing the corners and smoothing the edges. CCMI worked with the supermarket to design clear packaging with part numbers, color-coding to indicate size, and packaged in quantities of twenty-five based on how they would be implemented in stores.



Due diligence continues to pay-off for this supermarket. CCMI drop ships according to a predetermined phasing schedule. CCMI is also able to accommodate the supermarket chains’ newly opened stores by keeping a small inventory of additional shelf blockers to drop-ship upon request. Through the success of this project and by supplying custom acrylic displays for specific store departments, CCMI is now a preferred vendor of the supermarket and featured on their ordering network.